Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 2014 - meeting notes

Social Knitting
Last night, after a slight misunderstanding, turned out to be a great social night. We completed a lovely roundtable "Show and Share" and welcomed some new faces. We spent the evening enjoying  some social knitting, helping each other out with some minor knitting problems and issues.

Up for discussion was the topic of "How many projects do you have on the needles at any given time?"  Feel free to comment here and let us know what your UFO stash looks like!

Fixing Some Issues
The first pattern brought to Monica's attention was for a lacy, long-sleeved, seamed bolero. The issue was the instructions for the front panels, specifically the increases along the button edge. The instructions were to increase one stitch just inside the button-band. The confusion was in incorporating the single stitch increase into the pattern stitch (which was a three stitch pattern) while still maintaining the 1x1 rib of the button band. After some reading and knitting through the rows, we began to understand that the stitch count for the pattern stitches would be off for most rows, until the increase was incorporated correctly into the count.

The second issue was a new member who brought in a cardigan that had been in her UFO stash for some time (maybe years?....who can't identify with that?!). With the back completed but still on the needles, we needed to figure out what the other two pieces were, and where exactly she had left off in the pattern. After a little reading, counting stitches on the needles and laying out the pieces together, we figured out that she had nearly finished the right front panel, and had only the armhole shaping to complete on the left front panel. We'll be sure to get a picture of the completed project and post it to our Gallery...and speaking of the "Gallery"...

The Gallery
We are still looking for contributions to our Gallery page. If you have any projects (either by yourself, or by a family member or friend) please email them to Monica and we'll make sure to get them featured in our Gallery. Make sure to note whether you'd like credit or would rather remain anonymous.

Pass-It-On Project
Ciobhe will also hold on to the Pass-It-On Project, as she completes her amazing multimedia addition to the monstrosity, er, masterpiece.

Upcoming Nights
We look forward to next month's presentation, from Veronica, on "Knits that Fit" part II. Veronica will expound her vast knowledge of altering knitting patterns to fit and flatter your unique and beautiful body!

This is an interactive workshop, where Veronica will help us learn how to take and record our own measurements.
Everyone coming should:
  • come with a buddy, with whom they feel comfortable taking body measurements
  • wear a close-fitting shirt, over your best-fitting bra (if you wear one)
  • bring a good, un-stretched measuring tape with which to take accurate measurements
  • a pen or pencil to record your measurement (on sheets that will be provided)

PLEASE REMEMBER that because of the municipal election, our meeting falls on OCTOBER 20TH, the penultimate Monday of the month!

November will now see Mary Charles presenting on Preparing Wool for Carding and Spinning, and December will be our annual Panic Knitting on the first Saturday, the 6th, in the Computer Lab. See you there!

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