Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 26, 2014 - meeting notes

The smell of popcorn was in the air, as we enjoyed the talent of the Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr.), Bing Crosby and Barbara Rush in the 1960's classic Robin and the Seven Hoods. Music, dancing and laughs...complete with a thug who loves, and occasionally loses, his knitting!

Pass-It-On Project
Last month, Pam volunteered to take the Pass-It-On project, and we all were waiting with baited breath to see what she would add to our monstrosity piece of art. Not only did she add her own flair for garter stitch, but she nearly doubled the size of the project!

Next month, we look forward to seeing what Caoimhe, one of our youngest members, will add to it.

Monica has also come up with a potentially great idea to showcase our members favourite completed crafts. Knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning, embroidery...our incredibly talented members have created some amazing artwork over the years and we'd love to see it.

Please take photographs of your favourite projects (anything made since December of 2009!!!) and email them to either Christina or Monica and we'll add them to the Gallery.

Upcoming Dates
Next month (September 29) - We will hear again from Mary Charles. Mary's expertise in spinning is known to most of us, but how do you go about preparing wool for spinning. Mary will share everything she knows about preparing and carding wool.

October 20 (NOT the last Monday of the month because of Elections scheduling) - Veronica will conduct the second part of her series on Knits that Fit. Learn more about perfecting your knitted garments to be the most flattering and most attractive clothing you can create.

November 24 - Have you ever flipped through vintage knitting patterns and been baffled by the terminology and instructions? Have you ever wondered how do get a hold of some of the oldest and rarest knitting patterns? Monica will take us through the great history of published knitting patterns and everything you need to know to decode, read and knit from them.

December 6 (first Saturday) - Our annual Panic Knitting will take place in the computer lab in the basement of the library. Enjoy some uninterrupted time to get some holiday knitting complete. Computer access is helpful for looking up patterns and clarification, cookies and tea and coffee will help keep up your energy, and the friendly faces of our Kniterary members will be a welcome comfort as we head into the holidays!

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