Monday, April 28, 2014

One Llama, A few Horses and a Ton of Sheep!

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We arrived at Hubbert Farms in the damp and chill of noon and were met in the parking lot by Jody.

Jody gave us an introduction to her history with the farm, discussing husbandry, shows & competitions and the basics of running an alpaca farm.
Then she led us to the outdoor paddock which contained the two sheep who had not reproduced this season.
The ewes were incredibly friendly and eager to see us!
The poked their heads through the fence and wanted to be rubbed!
All the while, a trusty alpaca stood guard!
Cathy got a little love.
Jody led us into the barn, where we spent most of our visit. Many of the ewes, alpacas and the Llama were inside....along with the one- and two-week old lambs!

There were both new and experienced mamas, and many different shades of coats.
This ewe was playing 'stepmom' to a rejected lamb, along with her own!
Jackson, the llama, stood watchful guard over the flock!
The alpacas were on their own, and a little more wary of our presence.
Beautiful shades, from white to caramel to chocolate!
Pregnant and waiting.
"Who ARE these people?"
Another small paddock of ewes and lambs.
Once we'd been in the barn for a while, Jody allowed us to pet, and then hold the lambs.
Jody had just fed them grain, but that didn't deter them from nuzzling and rubbing our hands.

Holding the lambs was the highlight of the day...for everyone!
Victoria with baby Jiggy!
This little one really thought she'd get something out of my knuckle!
Jackson still watching over everything!

Judy brought out some handspun alpaca and wool, as well as some fresh fleece!
Outside again, we met these gorgeous beasts!

These beauties seemed to enjoy the chilly, fresh air!
Thanks so much to Jody and Hubbert Farms, for a fun-filled and entertaining tour!


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  2. You don't look like an old lady! And the picture is adorable!
    We had such a fantastic time, thank you so much!