Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February 2015 - meeting notes

Denise Powell - Where Do You Get Your Inspiration ?

It’s true - knitters never fear the cold!

Despite the frigid temperatures we had a number of our steadfast knitters come out last night and they, in turn, were rewarded with an inspiring presentation by Denise Powell. She shared with us her Interpretations designs and described how and from where she draws her ideas and creative imaginings.

She explained her long love affair of traditional textiles, and both historic and cultural clothing from around the world.  She brought a wonderful selection from her Interpretations design line including a hip-length kimono with a lovely cherry blossom embellishment some Egyptian jewellery inspired knit collars, an exquisite and detailed homage to an Edwardian ladies jacket and an African inspired tunic and many many more.




She explained her creative process and how she became a designer and described the process in which one creates a design and gets it published. We thank her for answering all our questions. The Peterborough Public Library does have a subscription to the magazine that Denise mentioned last night;  A Needle Pulling Thread, but we only have two issues thus far.


We really enjoyed her talk and she left us with a challenge to find our own inspirations however and wherever we may find them. If you can dream of a rose teapot cover than why can't you make one?
Also a special thank you to the lovely one (you know who you are) that shared some candy with the group, I promise will try to bring the remainder of them to next months meeting.

We are so excited to ramp up for the Knitting games, which will feature the following competitions:
  • The Two Row Dash - Speed Knitting
  • Derriere Tricoter - Behind-the-Back Knitting
  • Blind Needles - Knitting Blindfolded
  • Tandem Knitting - Knitting with a hand each!
Get training and we look forward to some great fun!

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