Friday, January 24, 2014

We're not new...but our blog is!

The Peterborough Public Library has been host to the Kniterary Nights since December of 2009 when Kate Siena and Kelly Plunkett decided to start a regularly meeting place for local knitters. The Kniterary Society meets on the last Monday of each month (save for December, when we generally host a special "Panic Holiday Knitting" on the first Saturday afternoon) in the auditorium of the library from 7-9pm. We have been privileged to hear speakers on a huge variety of fibre-related themes, from lace, colourwork and socks, to charity knitting and running an alpaca farm.

The evenings are absolutely free, with free refreshments (coffee, tea, cookies) served and are open to the public. If you are an expert and would like to come a knit and maybe learn about a new craft, or if you are an absolute beginner and need helping starting, Kniterary Nights can be your regular knitting evening out.

The Kniterary Society also has its finger on the pulse of the fibre community. Any fibre-related events, new businesses, and fund-raisers can have announcements made and are more than welcome to discuss presenting about their interests.

Please feel free to contact Monica Vereana Williams ( or the Peterborough Public Library ( for more information.

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